— POCKET WATCHES — 18th & 19th-century watches and movements McCABE (James)  Duplex movement in later case  London, c. 1810 McCABE (James) [sons of]  Watch with Savage escapement  London, 1833 BROAD (William)  Rack-lever watch  London, c. 1820 JOHNSON (Joseph)  Massey I movement, no. 5680  Liverpool, c. 1823 JOHNSON (Joseph) [firm]  Lever watch, no. 15488  Liverpool, c. 1838 THE JOSEPH JOHNSON DATABASE (PDF document) LEROUX (John)  Verge repeater watch, converted to lever  London, c. 1776 A TYPICAL ENGLISH LEVER FUSEE MOVEMENT, c. 1860 – exploded diagrams

The Liverpool watchmaking firm of Joseph Johnson operated from about 1800 to 1870. While not credited with any significant technical advances, the firm combined an unusually large volume of production (for the pre-machine age) with a high standard of finish. From about 1820 most of its products were exported to the United States. I have been interested in the house of Johnson since 2000 and currently own seven examples of their work. This database comprises nineteen pages and records 275 watches and movements.

McCABE (James)  Cylinder watch  London, c. 1800 JOHNSON (Joseph) [firm]  19-jewel lever watch, no. 30309  Liverpool, c. 1855