Home  -  Microscopes  -  Pocket Watches  -  Books  -  Cylinders The gramophone used for these digitisations is shown at top right. For more details of this and of the methods used, see page 1. gramophone_new_01.jpg Minuet from Quartet in A minor (Antonio Scontrino)  London String Quartet (James Levey, Thomas W. Petre, Harry Waldo Warner, Charles Warwick Evans) Columbia 12” light blue label, L 1321 (matrix 76038), 1919 Home  -  Microscopes  -  Pocket Watches  -  Books  -  Cylinders ‘The night is calm’, from The Golden Legend (Arthur Sullivan)  [Maud] Perceval Allen (soprano), with chorus and orchestra Gramophone Company disc 03318 (12” black label, matrix z7042f), 1913 Romance in A minor (oboe version) (Robert Schumann, op. 94 no. 1)  Arthur Foreman (oboe) / Mme. [Caroline] Adami (piano) Gramophone Company disc 9442 (10” black label, matrix Ab14533e), 1911 The Boatswain’s Mate (extracts) (Ethel Smyth)  Rosina Buckman (sop.)/Courtice Pounds (ten.)/Frederick Ranalow (bar.)/orchestra conducted by the composer Gramophone Company 12” black label (Overture) and violet label (others) discs, October 1916 The Low-Back’d Car (Samuel Lover)  Margaret Woodrow Wilson (soprano), w. orch. Columbia (U.K.) L 1099 (= U.S. 36860) (12” light blue label, matrix 36860), 1914 As it is often difficult to decide whether to list records under title, composer or artist (any of which may turn out to be the principal element of interest), I have evaded all three and arranged them chronologically instead. Overture Discs 2-0696 & 2-0697 (matrices Ho2197af/Ho2198af) ‘If I let you out . . . Oh dear, if I had known’ Buckman/Ranalow  Disc 04185 (matrix Ho2194af) ‘What a fearful tragedy . . . The first thing to do is get rid of the body’ Buckman/Pounds/Ranalow  Disc 04184 (matrix Ho2192af) Mrs. Waters tells Benn that she has shot the burglar dead. Benn can only gibber in horror as she calmly explains her plans to dispose of the evidence. Travers, hidden in a cupboard, chuckles to himself over Benn’s helplessness and the lady’s charms. Overture to Raymond  (Ambroise Thomas) (abridged by 23 bars)  William Tookey’s Orchestra Homochord 10” light blue label, D 1309 (matrices BL979/BL980), c. 1925 This must be one of the last commercial acoustic recordings apart from those of the National Gramophonic Society which continued with the old process throughout 1926. It is also one of the best. The cut occurs in the first half. Naila Waltz (Delibes)  Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra/Eugène Ysaÿe Columbia (U.S.) 12” ‘Tricolor’ label, A 6190 (matrix 49704), November 1919 Danse Macabre (Saint-Saëns) Goossens Orchestra/Eugene Goossens III Edison Bell Velvet Face 12” light blue disc 521 (matrices X1167A/X1168A), c. 1922 Danse of the Sprites, from the music for Shakespeare’s Tempest  (Weingartner) London Symphony Orchestra/ Felix Weingartner Columbia 12” light blue label, L 1484 (matrix AX 44), 1923 Jardins sous la Pluie (Debussy)  Benno Moiseiwitsch (piano) Gramophone Company 12” black label, D 59 (= single-sided 05582) (matrix Ho1844ac), 1916 Parsifal (Wagner), Prelude  Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Alfred Hertz Gramophone Company discs D 171–72(12” black label, matrices 1153½s, 1160s, 1162s), September 1913 Allegro from Organ Concerto in F, no. 13 (‘Cuckoo and Nightingale’) (Handel) (arr. as organ solo)  Easthope Martin (organ) Gramophone Company disc 09262 (12” plum label, matrix 6991f), 1912 Waiata Poi  (Alfred Hill, arr. Verbrugghen) Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra/ Henri Verbrugghen Brunswick 10” gold label (Australian pressing), 15089–A (matrix 12888 or 12889), 1924