Home  -  Microscopes  -  Pocket Watches  -  Books  -  Discs standard_b_01_small.jpg Edison Standard Model B, 1907 columbia_q_01.jpg Columbia Type Q Graphophone, c. 1901 —––- And here are a few modern examples —––- Die Post (from Die Winterreise – Schubert)   Sung by Oliver Mundy (in German) Der Leiermann (from Die Winterreise – Schubert)   Sung by Oliver Mundy (in German) When all night long (from Iolanthe – Sullivan)   Sung by Oliver Mundy (recorded at 117 r.p.m.) The blank cylinders were supplied by Paul Morris (http://www.paulmorrismusic.co.uk), one of only three people in the world (as far as I know) who still make them. —––- And here, for comparison, are a few commercial records from about 1900 —––- ‘Imitation of Bagpipes and Scotch Air’ Charles D’Almaine (violin)/?Frederick Hylands (piano)            Columbia brown wax, No. 27006 Yes, let me like a solder fall (from Maritana – W. V. Wallace) Eric Farr (baritone)             Anon. [Edison-Bell or Edisonia] brown wax Somebody seems to have used the blank area at the end of the cylinder for a home recording  What I hear is the rather distant wailing of a cat, followed by a distinct bark of a dog. In cellar cool (Im tiefen Keller) (Ludwig Fischer) E. F. James (bassoon)             Anon. [Edison-Bell or Edisonia] brown wax Finale (part) from Concerto in F (J. A. Hasse)   Members of Truro Sinfonia, conducted by Barry Moule             (Recorded on an Edison Standard Model B phonograph) Fair Phyllis I saw (John Farmer)  Members of A Cappella, conducted by Nick Wetherall             (Recorded on an Edison Standard Model B phonograph, Penzance, Cornwall, 20 July 2019) Home  -  Microscopes  -  Pocket Watches  -  Books  -  Discs Home  -  Microscopes  -  Pocket Watches  -  Books  -  Discs —––- Home recordings from the 1890s —––- Woman (or two women) speaking and singing, perhaps in Spanish Overture to a French light opera (‘Les Quatre …’ ?) Unidentified band             Anon. brown wax, possibly French (Pathé?) I’se Gwine Back to Dixie (White) Mozart Quartet (male voices), w. piano             Edison-Bell Indestructible pink celluloid cylinder, no. 9037, 1903–04